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1.    ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE:  Upon Arrival, and during stay, all Guests agree to notify Management immediately of any and all damage, malfunction, improper cleaning, or any other concern to the Property or Unit(s). Failure to notify Management immediately of any damage, malfunction, improper cleaning, or any other concern to the Property or Unit(s) shall constitute as a waiver of any claims regarding the condition of the Property, the premises, or its facilities, and will result in deductions from Security/Damage Deposit—or charged directly to Contracting Guest. All Guests agree not to drag or roll luggage across wood floors or up/down any steps or staircases, whether inside or outside the historic property. Please carry all luggage.

Upon Departure, all Guests agree to turn off all lights and fans, HVAC systems, kitchen oven(s) and burners, water faucets, as well as close, secure, and lock all doors and windows. At Departure, all trash and other items brought into the unit must be removed. See Cleaning Fee/Trash Disposal below.

We cannot accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs, or store Guest's luggage outside of reservation times.  Please have each member of Guest's party arrange their travel schedule to accommodate the 4 pm check in and 12 pm check-out times. (TIP: Guests flying to NOLA should consider later arrivals in the day for Check-in, and early flights-out on the day of Departure.)

Bags and belongings are not allowed on or within the Property until your Check-in time, and must be removed from the Property at your scheduled Check-out time.  Failure to depart as scheduled will result in fees to re-schedule cleaners, and may result in a fee for an additional night’s stay. Please refer to your Booking Confirmation for check-out time.

Contracted Guest agrees to provide, share, and make known this Contract and Rental/House Rules to all other members of his or her party.


NOTE: This property utilizes Home Automation technology. Assigned Door Codes will only function during the hours between the arrival and the departure times stated in Guest’s Booking Confirmation.  Please, don't lock yourself out! Additional fees may apply.

2.    PROPERTY & PREMISES: All Guests agree to keep the Property, the premises, and all furnishings and appliances in good order. Do not move indoor furniture to different rooms nor outdoors.  Do not bring outdoor furniture indoors. Use a cutting board when preparing food; do not use knives or utensils directly on counter tops or other inappropriate surfaces.  Do not sit hot pots or pans on countertops or other inappropriate surfaces. Guests agree to use appliances ONLY for their intended purpose.



All Guests agree to ensure that all doors and all windows are closed and locked when leaving the Property. Rainstorms occur often and suddenly throughout the year. 

Though the Property is located on a quiet, residential street, the Property should be secured at all times. If Management is required to travel to the Property to address doors or windows left open or unlocked, an additional trip fee will be charged against the held security deposit or billed directly to Guest. To prevent condenser freezes, all doors and all windows must remain closed while using the air-conditioning. If doors or windows are left open for an extended period of time while using HVAC, the Home Automation system may automatically shut the system OFF. 

NOTE: Multiple auto-shut-offs will LOCK the system to OFF mode, resulting in Guest’s need to contact Management to re-instate the system. Activation fee may apply. Any repairs to HVAC due to open doors or windows will be billed directly to Guest.

3. UNKNOWN GUESTS:  No Guest may bring ANY unknown person onto the Property who was not previously known to ALL Guests prior to Arrival. A scam at local bars is for a stranger to befriend tourists, and once inside their accommodation, to text a cohort about goods to be stolen. A break-in later follows. We have 24-hour exterior video surveillance, but that may not be fast enough to catch a thief. Guests should treat the Property as their own. All Guests should keep in mind that they are in an urban tourist-area when dealing with unknown individuals.Over-night guests not identified in the “Complete Guest List” are not allowed, no exceptions.

4. PARTIES & EVENTS:  Advanced approval from Agent is required if any Guest intends to host a party or event on The Property. An event or party is defined as any gathering where persons not named in the Complete Guest List will be on the premises with access to The Property’s electrical system, water, plumbing, and other facilities and amenities specific to The Property.


Note: a party or event consisting of only those Guests named in the Complete Guest List shall also require advanced approval from Agent. An event fee may apply, and additional paperwork for insurance may be required. Simple specifics such as date, time, duration, and number of attendees must be prearranged with Agent. Due to the historic nature of The Property, at NO time may any decorations or adornments be installed or placed on The Property that require nails, screws, thumbtacks, tape, glue, paint, wax, or by any other means that may cause damage to any walls, ceilings, floors, moldings, trim, windows, doors, siding, fixtures, or to any other aspect of the interior or exterior of The Property.


5. TOILET USE:  ONLY TOILET PAPER down the toilet—not even flushable wipes or other hygiene products!  Do not flush nappies/diapers, sanitary pads, tampons, dental floss, tissues, or cotton pads, balls, or swabs. While in use, anything other than toilet paper and human waste will result in clogged pipes and a $500.00 (minimum) plumbing visit fee, as well as cleaning-and-repair costs. The street plumbing is older NOLA 1900s plumbing, so this rule MUST be followed.  Feel free to flush a few times during use, if necessary.


6.   LINENS & TOWELS:  Makeup remover and cotton balls/pads are provided to prevent staining of high thread-count sheet sets ($150 a-piece), and bath linens.  Please consider a personal washcloth, pillowcase, or towel if this might be an issue. 

Please, DO NOT leave wet towels on furniture, on the wood floors, or hanging on doors or doorknobs to dry. It’s damaging and unsanitary. Instead, hang them to dry on the bathroom towel racks or door hooks, or you may use the hooks on the backside of the bedroom door(s). Feel free to launder towels as needed. High Efficiency (HE) detergent and dryer sheets are provided for use with the washer and dryer.


7.   SMOKING:  Since the majority of our guests favor an indoor smoke-free vacation/stay environment, we have a very strict indoor NO SMOKING policy. To provide our guests the best possible experience during their stay in our home, Smoking (INCLUDING ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES and other vapor) is not allowed or permitted anywhere within the Property at any time. All Guests must smoke outdoors, and away from any open doors or open windows or open vents to the Property. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in a minimum fee of $500.00 for remediation of the Property to smoke-free condition, including having the carpets, furniture, and HVAC cleaned. Please, smoke outdoors.

To accommodate our outdoor smoking guests, we provide ashtrays and/or sand-pots for temporary disposal in yard areas. Upon Departure, all Guests are responsible for the removal and disposal of all butts, matches and other debris from sand-pots and ashtrays to avoid any additional cleaning fees and/or forfeiture of the security deposit.




8.   POOL/JACUZZI/DECK  (select properties):  Because there are no lifeguards or other attendants at the swimming pool, all guests are expressly responsible for the safety of themselves, members of their families, and guests using the swimming pool, and in so using or permitting to be used, specifically waive any and all liability claims. No Guest shall permit any juvenile member, any elderly, or any person with disabilities of this family or guests to play in or around the swimming pool without providing an attendant who is able to swim and can protect such guests in case of any difficulty in the water. All Guests are expected to conduct themselves with reasonable decorum. Any rough play or diving in the pool, or running on the deck, is Strictly Prohibited. Sitting or standing on the rim of the pool is dangerous and is Strictly Prohibited. By using the deck area, pool, and/or Jacuzzi, ALL Guests acknowledge that these areas can be dangerous and slippery when wet, and that injury is likely to occur to anyone who is not careful. All Guests agree to observe and to adhere to all rules and policies as posted at the Property. All Guests accept and assume all risks involved in or related to the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, deck, and surrounding areas. Glassware is Strictly Prohibited in all deck areas, pool, and hot tub.

9.    HOUSEKEEPING:  There is no daily housekeeping or maid service. Bed, bath, and kitchen linens are provided in the unit, and guests are welcome and encouraged during their stay to wash towels and linens as needed in the washer/dryer. A dishwasher is provided for dishes and other  kitchenware.




10.    LAUNDRY AND DETERGENT:  The washer requires High Efficiency (HE) detergent.  The (HE) logo/symbol is always placed on the front of the box or bottle of detergent. If you see the logo on the side or back, but not on the front, it is not (HE) detergent. Samples are provided in the unit.  If non-HE detergent is used in the washing machine, soap-suds and water will flood and damage the flooring. Please be mindful: ** Use ONLY (HE) detergent! **


11.    CLEANING FEE/TRASH DISPOSAL:  It’s pretty simple, but to avoid any deductions from Guest’s security deposit for extra cleaning, it is the responsibility of Guests to remove all garbage from the Property—including from the bathrooms, and from the back- and side-yards, as well as all party items, perishables, personal items, etc. upon Check-Out/Departure. Garbage bags are provided under the kitchen sink, or nearby. It is also the Guests’ responsibility to clear and return any dishware, cookware or other items brought from inside the home to any outdoor space.Because we are not a hotel (we do not provide maid or housekeeping services), the Cleaning Fee is for the cleaners to restore the Unit to the condition it was in when you, our Guests, arrived. The Fee is not applied to the removal of brought-in items left behind at Departure. Additional fees will apply.




NOTE:  Any personal item left behind by any guest after check-out shall be disposed of with regular rubbish.


Failure to adhere to these terms may result in deductions from, or forfeiture of, the security deposit, and may incur other fees directly charged to Guest. 


Garbage receptacles are located at the front of the Property, or thereabouts: large black bins for general rubbish, and bins marked for Recyclables, which includes plastic, metal, and non-soiled paper. Glass is NOT recycled in NOLA, so all glass goes into regular garbage. 

The receptacles you may use are labeled with the street number of the Property on them. Please, do not use any neighboring receptacles on the street, and do not move the receptacles from their locations.


The trash collection schedule is stated in Guest’s Booking Confirmation, as well as in the Guest Manual located within the unit. Unless otherwise stated in Booking Confirmation, Guest is responsible for moving garbage bins to curbside on pick-up days. If you need additional trash bags during your stay, please let us know.

12.    NOISE:   We encourage Guests to enjoy our outdoor areas, but remember that while you are on vacation, the neighbors are not.  We are not a “party house.” Our neighbors will NOT tolerate lots of noise or obnoxious or illegal behavior, nor do we. New Orleans is a very tolerant city, but is not a mini “Las Vegas.”

Please be considerate to those living around you: keep outdoor conversations at low noise-levels after 9:00 p.m. or move indoors. Quiet Hours are between 10 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. If Management is required to travel to the Property to address noise complaints, an additional trip-fee will be charged against your security deposit, or billed to Contracting Guest directly, and may result in immediate eviction from the Property.

13.     FOOTWEAR:  All Guests agree to remove all shoes at the foyer/entrance of the Property or Unit(s) at all times. Socks and soft-soled slippers are fine on the historical wood flooring. (Select Properties: Please avoid wearing shoes on any carpet(s) upstairs.)

14.     SECURITY AND INTERNET:  All Guests agree to refrain from altering, tampering with, or disabling any aspect of the Property’s Security System, including but not limited to outdoor lighting, door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, security cameras or alarms, as well as any aspect of the Property’s Internet System, including hubs, routers, cables, power cords, etc.

Tampering with the Property's security or internet systems will result in immediate eviction and automatic forfeiture of security deposit. The Home Automation system notifies us immediately of any breach.  

Additionally, Contracting Guest shall inform all guests that the Property’s Wi-Fi Internet service MAY NOT be used to download any illegal file at any time. Our Internet service provider notifies us of any such occurrence along with the device’s MAC and NIC identifiers, the name of the file downloaded, date and time. Upon such notice, we will provide authorities all information we may have on file, including identification and complete names on Guest List. 

Any issues regarding Internet, Cable, or Satellite TV should be made known to Management immediately.

15.     ANIMALS:  As much as we love the furries and their friends, Animals (furry or not) are NOT allowed on the Property at ANY time, for any reason, ever. Any violation of this House Rule will result in the immediate forfeiture of any Security/Damage Deposit on hold, and may result in immediate eviction from the Property, as well as additional charges for the remediation of the property to the state prior to Guests’ arrival; if no Deposit is held while in violation of this House Rule, any costs incurred by Homeowner/Management shall be charged directly to Contracted Guest for the cleaning, treatment of fleas, and any other remediation issues related to any animal on the Property during Guests’ stay. Please, have visiting friends secure their animal(s) at curbside. Future guests with allergies will thank you, and so will your pocket-book.

16.   DELIVERIES & LEFT-BEHIND ITEMS:  It is understood and agreed by all guests that all parcels, packages, or other deliverables are done so at the guest’s own risk, including prior to, during, and after guest’s stay. Agent and assigns shall bear no responsibility to handle any aspect of any delivery, or package pickup, initiated by any guest, at any time, for any reason. Any package delivered or left behind after check-out shall be disposed of with regular rubbish. It is strongly suggested that any delivery or package pick-up be arranged with a local mail-and-shipping center. Additionally, any personal item left behind by any guest after check-out shall be disposed of with regular rubbish. Agent and assigns bear no responsibility to manage the handling of, the return of, or the shipment of any item left behind after check-out.

17.     PARKING:  There is ample street parking -- be careful not to block driveways or fire hydrants. Towing is common when parked in illegal zones. Car rental is not suggested during Mardi Gras season due to street closures and limited parking availability. 

(Select properties: There is a dedicated parking spot for guest-use located at the rear gate to the Property. Please Inquire.)

18.     FIRE:  Due to the limited amount of outdoor space on the Property, and to the close proximity of other homes and buildings, ANY USE OF FIRE outdoors (including bonfires, fire pits, BBQ grills, torches, fireworks, candles, etc.) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. NO OPEN FLAME. The Property is equipped with fire extinguishers for emergency purposes.

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